Cello's on a Moist record? It's true!


Calgary Sun

It's been three years since Moist released its triple-platinum debut CD Silver. In that time, the Canadian rock group -- in town yesterday during a promotional tour -- managed to have a hit in England, become gods in Thailand and record a sophomore effort, Creature.

Canadians didn't mind the wait, apparently. Resurrection, Creature's first single, has promptly begun to claim its fair share of airplay

"It's exciting," say frontman David Usher, beaming as brightly as a brooding and melancholy frontman can.

"We spent a long time working on this album and it has been well received so far." While Silver was recorded (literally) in a matter of days, Creature was a concentrated project and featured a change of venue and producer. The band, long synonymous with Vancouver, pulled pegs and camped in Montreal.

"It allowed us to do things on this record we didn't have the time or the ability to do on the last one," guitarist Mark Makowy says of the changes, "in terms of dynamics and getting different instruments like the cello and trumpet."

Cello? It's true. Although reasonably true to their Silver sound, Moist has diversified on Creature. Moist will be opening for Neil Young later this fall. "Not only is it a chance to play for crowds who might not have heard us," grins Makowy, "but it's a chance to see 10 Neil Young shows."

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