Found on this page, are numerous articles talking about Moist's successes,and reviews on their releases. This page is always expanding, as there always seemsto be more and more news, and information on the group, as they progress thoughoutthe Canadian music industry.

Other Sources

Online Interviews

This is an interview that I conducted myself, with Jeff! He was kind enough to doa simple e-mail interview for this page, and much thanx goes to him for taking the timeto answer some questions!

My Interview with Jeff Pearce

This is an interview with Jeff Pearce. It was made by this woman named Dominique who I am not too familiar with, but she sent me an email telling me about it. She didn't spell Jeff's last name right, and the word "F????" that she writes about is "Freaky Be Beautiful."

Interview with Jeff Pearce

The Moist Newsletters

I have also decided that this page would be an appropriate place to add the officialMoist Newsletters, that have been so craftily written by Moist's keyboardist, Kevin Young.

Newsletter 1
Newsletter 2
Newsletter 3
Newsletter 4
Newsletter 5
Newsletter 6
Newsletter 7
Newsletter 8
Newsletter 10
Newsletter 11
Newsletter 12
Newsletter 14

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