Moist. . . an amazing Canadian Band, who originated from Vancouver, B.C, and who now live in MY hometown, Montreal! (WooHoo!!! 8-) TBC. Paul (drummer) is the only one who originally comes from Vancouver, while David originally comes from Oxford England, and Jeff, Mark, and Kevin all originally hail from Kingston, Ontario. David did live in Kingston for quite a while, where he attended KCVI (high school). Mark, Jeff and Kevin all went to Queen's University in Kingston, while David later attended Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, whenhe moved there. They all met up in Vancouver, at a party held by Kevin, where they discoveredthey all had the same thing in common - music. This is where they formed what we know of today as, "MOIST." --"Evocative, provocative, and impossible to forget"--

Moist came from the wreckage of two other failed bands, that weren't going anywhere; (one was David's band called "True Hype Crue"-- a rap band! hehehe, the other, the original Moist with Mark and Jeff) and since they were all so commited, they became a band together, and quit their day jobs (I know that Jeff worked in a bank, as well as a tour guide. Mark worked for a magazine, and Kevin did something to do with Ice Cream!....or so it is said...and Paul was a chef). They started touring around Vancouver in a van they bought with the money they got from helpful friends, and family. They worked their way up to gaining some fans, and made an indipendant tape, which a lot of people wanted, so they made more (1500 copies in total). They made a video for "PUSH," their first single, which they did very cheap, and it got on heavy rotation on MuchMusic. People saw it, people liked it, wanted it, and so, in April of 94', they signed a record deal with EMI Music Canada, who have helped them ever since! And they made their first album entitled, "SILVER."

They continued to tour around Canada and the USA and after, all over Europe---where they receiveda lot of recognition on Radio 1 and got a position on the UK top 20 charts. They did a TV thing there for like 14 million people! They have even appeared on MTV'S Beavis And Butthead! Their album went Gold in Thailand and they opened up for bands like, Collective Soul, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Live, Hootie And The Blowfish, and Green Day (yach) and they played with Metallica, Hole, and Veruca Salt in Tuktoyuktuk N.W.T, ranging from audiences of 500, to like 20, 000 + people! Pretty cool for a Canadian band that just formed in 92-93'!

Now, they all live in Montreal---The Best City---where they moved to not long ago. They began writing songs in Vancouver, and Thailand but they decided they needed a "get-a-way from the everyday," so they came here to Montreal. They continued to write a number of amazing songs here (about 35!), along with the other one's, that would eventually become their second album ---"CREATURE." It is out now, and it is just that----amazing!

They continue to woa audiences all over the world, with their melodic and sinfully mysterious lyrics, along with the cherisma and dark voice of front-man, David Usher, and with the way in which they "connect" on stage! They are the best band, in my opinion, because I think they have a lot to say about the world in which we live, and the ways in which they present that---is beautiful! I have met all of them numerous times, and they are really great people! They aren't high on themselves, thinking they're the best thing to come out of the world, like some bands,--- they are five awsome performers, who's love it is to create the music we all listen to. Or at least, which we all SHOULD listen to!

In the summer of 1999, MOIST released their third full length release titled, Mercedes Five and Fime. The album is quite mature compared to the more raw stuff that was previously released. Like the experimentation the band did while making Creature, Mercedes incorporates a number of musical layers. From drum loops to ehoed underwater noises, Mercedes captures the bands creative writing abilities, as well as their live energy. The first Mercedes tour with Matthew Good Band, Gob and Serial Joe was a complete success. Their fans loved the show, and keep looking forward to more.


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