Here is a complete discography of Moist stuff that I know of.

Moist Albums

Mercedes Five And Dime - EMI (1999)

All these songs can be found on the EMI Website

"Creature" - EMI (1996)

"Silver" - EMI/Chrysalis (1994)

Indie (9-song) Demo - Independant (1993)

Well, we all know of Moist's indie tape, and here is a list of all the songs that appear on it.

  • Push
  • Believe Me
  • Sweet Electric Child
  • See Touch Feel
  • Picture Elvis
  • Kid Conductor
  • Shrieking Love
  • Force Her Down
  • Too Low Low

David Usher - "Little Songs" - EMI (1998)

  • Trickster
  • St. Lawrence River
  • Jesus Was My Girl
  • Unholy, Dirty and Beautiful
  • ForestFire
  • Babyskin Tattoo
  • F Train
  • Million
  • Final Thoughts and The Last Day on Earth
  • Mood Song

Different Versions of Songs

There were, apperently, three original (different) versions of:

Thanx to Pragya for these

CD Singles / Promotional CDs / Videos


There are also various radio promotional CD's

My List of CD's I Have

Canadian Silver
USA Silver (which has Morphine on it)
Silver Advance Promotional CD
Push Single (Push, Morphine, Machine Punch Through)
Push Single (Push, Machine Punch Through)
Push Single Part 1 (Push, Push ‘Texas' mix by youth, Push ‘Orleans' club mix by youth)
Push Single Part 2 (Push, Machine Punch Through Acoustic, Low low low Acoustic, This Shrieking Love Acoustic)
Push Dutch Single (Push, Machine Punch Through, Freaky be Beautiful, Morphine)
Push Promo (Push)
Push Promo Re-release (Push)
Push Capitol Records Re-release Single (new version of Push)
Silver Single (Silver, Break Her Down, See Touch Feel)
Silver Promo (Silver)
Silver Promo (Silver)
Believe Me Promo (Believe Me)
Machine Punch Through Promo (three variations of MPT)
Freaky Be Beautiful Single (FBB, Kill For You, Push Acoustic)
Canadian Creature
Japanese Creature (which has the video version of Gasoline, and a different Tangerine Re-mix plus Japanese Translation Insert)
Creature Advance CD
Creature Sampler CD (Leave it Alone, Resurrection, Theme From Cola, Creature)
Creature Sampler CD -Germany- (Resurrection, Leave it Alone, Tangerine, Hate, Disco Days)
Leave it Alone Single - from Australia (Leave it Alone, Creature, Day)
Leave it Alone Promo -USA- (Leave it Alone)
Leave it Alone Promo -Canada- (2 versions of Leave it Alone)
Resurrection Single (Resurrection, Leave it Alone)
Resurrection Promo (Resurrection)
Gasoline Single (Gasoline, two Tangerine re-mixes)
Gasoline Single (Gasoline, Tangerine video edit)
Gasoline Promo (Gasoline)
Tangerine Single (Album Version, Rock Remix)
Theme From Cola Advance CD (Theme From Cola, Tangerine Remix)
Mercedes Five and Dime CD
Mercedes Five and Dime - USA -
Mercedes Five and Dime - Taiwan - (Taiwan Insert)
Mercedes Five and Dime Sample CD (Breathe, Fish, Underground, Mandolin, Tonight)
Breathe Remix EP (Breathe Rhys Remix, Tangerine Dance Remix, Sunday Comes)
Breathe Remix EP (
Breathe Single (Breathe Edit Version, Breathe)
Breathe Single (Breath TLA Mix Edit, Breathe TLA Mix)
Breathe Promo -Stir of Echoes- (Breathe)
David Usher - Little Songs
David Usher - Little Songs Advance CD
David Usher - Little Songs Advance CD#2 in cardboard sleeve
David Usher - Forestfire 5 Remixes CD
David Usher - Jesus Was My Girl Single (Clean Version, Album Version)
Edgefest 98 Rarities & Collectables (Tangerine - extended remix, David Usher - F-train)
EMI In-Store Play Compilation Rock Volume Seven CD (Tangerine Remix - Different than any other Remix)
Big Shiny Tunes (has Ophelia on it)
Big Shiny Bonus CD (Ophelia)
Hard Core HMV Exclusive Sampler (Moist - Breathe Byron Remix)
hUh Vol. 5 (Machine Punch Through)
Huh Vol. 8 (Silver)
99.99997% of the world plays without a contract - Nettwerk CD Sampler, 1998 (David Usher - Forestfire)
Detroit Rock City Movie Enhanced CD - Video for Forestfire
Fan Club CD v.1 (Push Acoustic, See Touch Feel, Morphine, Wake Me, Outtakes)
Fan Club CD v.2 (Sister, Gasoline - harmonica version, Leave it Alone - Thai, Outtakes 2)
Fan Club CD v.3 (Sunday Comes, Breathe Demo, Breathe David Leonard Mix, Drown)
Piecing The Dimes of She - (Resurrection Live, Place Demo, Mike Hammer Prt. 2, Sunday Comes, Tired and Faded Demo, Tonight Demo)
Autumn Blues - Songs of Moist (Tired and Faded Demo, Breathe Byron Wong Remix, Breathe Rhys Fulber Remix, Tangerine Rhys Fulber Mix)
MOIST Advance CD - Mercedes Five and Dime on Capitol Records



Fan Club CDs

  • Push (Acoustic)
  • See Touch Feel
  • Morphine
  • Wake Me
  • Out Takes

  • My Conditioning
  • Sister
  • Gasoline (The Harmonica Version)
  • Leave it Alone (The Thai Version)
  • Outtakes 2

Custom Discs

For the Custom Discs, you were about to choose from a variety of unreleased and rare tracks.


  • Push was their first video, indipendantly financed in the winter of 94'
  • Silver
  • Freaky Be Beautiful (Not available in Canada)
  • Believe Me
  • Kill For You (Made by Musique Plus)
  • Break Her Down (made in Europe)
  • Picture Elvis (Made by Musique Plus)
  • Picture Elvis (the real video made in the UK)
  • Leave It Alone
  • Leave It Alone 2
  • Resurrection
  • Resurrection 2 Live Video
  • Tangerine
  • Tangerine: The Remix (Sooo cool!)
  • Gasoline
  • Breathe (version 1)
  • Breathe (version 2 - to be released)
  • Underground

David Usher

Picture borrowed from Mark S.'s Page

  • 1. ForestFire
  • 2. Jesus Was My Girl
  • 3. St. Lawrence River

Miscellenious Releases
Here are some songs which I know of, some I have, but that some haven't appeared yet. Some may appear on a b-sides CD.

  • There might be a few more


    Some Moist songs have appeared on soundtracks/compilations, and in movies

    There may be a few more, but I can't remember

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