j e f f   p e a r c e

Jeffery Howard Pearce was born on April 25, 1967, one day after David, in Kingston, Ontario. He has no brothers or sisters, which makes him the only child, to a mother and father who currently reside in the Toronto area.

Jeff began playing bass at a rather young age, and is, and has been influenced by many musicians, including the bassist for R.E.M. At first, he thought that it was more practical and usual to play his bass with his fingers, and for a long time, he was a 'fingers' guy, but when MOIST played a show with Metallica in Alaska, along with Hole and Veruca Salt, he soon came to realized that playing with a pick, (like the bassist for Metallica) might be an interesting thing. So, Jeff started playing with a pick, and the bass on most of the songs on "Creature" is played with a pick, in contrast with the bass on "Silver."

Previous to MOIST, Jeff played in a band along with Mark; the original MOIST. Later on, they would come to meet up in Vancouver, where Jeff first met David. He was already friends with both Kevin and Mark, from Kingston.

Jeff hardly writes lyrics for MOIST, but he did, however, write "Picture Elvis," one of the most beautiful songs ever, written about his high school crush, Barbara.

Education wise, Jeff attended Queen's University, when living in Kingston, where he studied film, along with Mark.

Personality wise, Jeff is probably the most caring, sentimental, and shyest guy in the band. He always seems to have this tendancy to blush, and doesn't talk very much in interviews, because of his shyness. But in contrast to this, Jeff is a really easy person to talk to, always listens, and usually has something very interesting to say in response, which makes him really fun to talk with.

Some people say that Jeff is the nerd of the band. . .which in all its meaning, is quite false, in my opinion at least. Jeff is probably smarter than the other members, and it is true that he likes computers, but he's not a nerd.

Jeff is the one in the band that takes care of all the emails the band reveives from fans, as well, he likes to play video/computer games in his spare time.

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