my interview with jeff pearce

I asked Jeff if he would do this interview with my a few days ago, and luckily enough he agreed to it! Jeff has been really nice about doing this interview with me, and I would like to thank him personally, (which I will do the next time I meet him), because without his contribution, this page would not exist! So, if you see this Jeff, thanx sooo much!!!


1). If you had to describe each member of Moist, including three words or more, what would they be?

hmmm. I don't think I should do that one.

2). Can you tell me why you have "sworn off Tequila," I mean, what happened that made you decide to not drink it? (i read or heard this somewhere.... but if its not true, just move to the next question! 8-)

its just a very dangerous drug. one moment you are having a great time, and the next you are talking to dumpsters.

3). Now I know that you wrote "Picture Elvis" and that it was written more so about your grade 11 girlfriend Barbara . . . I was wondering if there are any songs on "Creature" that you wrote, or perhaps wrote part of, and if so, what were they about?
the lyrics on the new record were pretty much all written by david. we usually don't like talking about what the songs are about. its more fun when people can come up with their own interpretations.
4). When you first started as a local indie band playing in bars around Vancouver, did you ever have it in the back of your minds that you would become such an amazing success, or were you actually doubtful that anything would ever happen in terms of getting a record company to sign you? Because I know a lot of indie bands in Montreal who are amazing, and who at this point in their lives feel extremely optomistic, and was wondering if you have ever felt that way....

there were lots of moments of doubt, for sure. but the main thing is that all five of us pretty much dedicated our lives at an early age towards the idea of being professional musicians, so we really had no choice but to succeed.

there were lots of times when i thought that i wouldn't but that was before we formed this band. once this band started rolling, and i could see the level of commitment that everyone in the band had, it seemed like it just had to work.

there are alot of great bands out there, but very few were all the members of the band are willing to give up everything they have, their apartments, their jobs, their private lives, in an effort to make it happen.

5). You have been living in Montreal now, for about a year or something like that, and we all know you get asked enough questions about why you moved here and whatnot, but I have always wanted to know, in terms of the political state of Quebec, has the thought of seperatism, or would the thought of seperatism change your complete views on Montreal?

I totaly agree with what you guys say, that Montreal has a great night life, and that its a very vibrant city.... but if the province would seperate, would you guys still live here? Why? or Why not?

good question, and a hard one. it would be a shame if quebec separated. an independent quebec would have a harder time protecting its distinctiveness than one that is a part of canada, i believe. on the other hand, as long as quebec can protect its culture, i will want to live here. that is part of what makes this city and this province different. i have no desire to live in a new montreal, one that is totally anglo. that would be no fun.

6). You abviously have been playing bass for quite a long time, and I must say that you are one of the best bass players I know. If someone wants to learn how to play the bass, what words of encouragment/advice would you give that person if he/she asked you?

the main thing is to write lines that move you. you can be a flashy player and be great, like flea, or you can be a simple player and be great, like mike mills from rem. the most important part of being a bass player is being able to listen, being able to feel what the song needs for it to be locked down. thats is the only key, but that is true of all good musicians.