k e v i n   y o u n g

Kevin Thompson Young was born on September 18, 1966, and is originally from Kingston, Ontario. His mother and father can often be seen at most Toronto area shows. His father is fairly short compared to Kevin, and he has a brother.

Kevin has been playing piano for over 20 years, and at one point, actually tought piano. On the subject of past jobs, it has been said that Kevin used to work as an ice cream vendor! Besides piano, Kevin has become familiar with playing the trumpet, and can sometimes be seen playing it at concerts. When he was young, Kevin participated in a marching band.

Education wise, Kevin is probably the one in the band to have recieved so much. He studied music at both Queens University in Kingston, and Simon Fraser University out in Vancouver.

Both Kevin and David were friends before Moist, from Kingston, and they both played in several other bands before the formation of the band. They both moved out to Vancouver to attend Simon Fraser Universtiy. Kevin was actually the one who got everyone together, at a party he held one night. Mark and Jeff, being friends from Kingston, were invited and attended. This is where everyone basically met, and got to know each other, and realize that they all had something in common, making music.

Personality wise, Kevin is very cool. He's really fun to talk with, if you have something interesting to say. He is also really quiet, and shy, and tends to get really nervous. You can tell if Kevin is on the edge of his seat, if you see him twitching and figgiting.

On stage, Kevin is wild. He can actually be equated with David, who is known for his charismatic, wild performance on stage. Kevin really gets into the music and his piano, and kind of head bangs while rocking his keyboard back and forth on stage.

Relationship wise, Kevin has had a girlfriend for a while now, and from what I have heard, they are really happy. Maybe we'll get to see him get married soon:-)

Kevin is the one in the band who is responsible for writing the Moist Newsletters, which are part of their fan club. In these, Kevin writes about strage little occurances that happen to the band along the way of touring, as well as bizzare tales of the band's daily life. Its quite interesting to read what Kevin writes in the newsletters, simply because he has this way of making one sentence go on and on and on, and at the same time kinda' humorizes the whole thing! Sometimes people think that Kevin is quite a wacko when they have read one of the newsletters, but he's not.

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