This is a page that will connect you to some of the best Moist pages that can be found on the WEB. Here you will also find ways on how to contact the band.

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The Main Moist Pages on The Net

The Band's Official Site
The Official Moist Page
EMI Music Canada
Nettwerk's Moist site
The Arista Records Site


I have been so lazy. . . but finally I have put up all the unofficial sites on Moist that are out there right now! I appologize to all these people, because I haven't included them here, when they should be listed!

A special thanx goes to Andrea from the Official Moist page, since that's whereI got all the sites!

Other Un-Official Moist Sites

Scream Surrendering

TheMoist Page

Broken: An Unofficial Moist Page

Morphine, A Moist Page

Jon's Moist Page - The Moist Files


Sylvain's Silver-Disco (Complete Moist Discography and #tangerine)

Waste, A Moist Page

The Carzy House

Dawn Arnold's Moist Page

Resurrection A Moist Page

The PantsPage

Jeff M's Moist Page

Amy's Moist Page

Andrina's Moist Page

Morphine Baby, A Moist Page

See Touch Feel: A Moist Page

Ildiko's Moist Page

Kate's Moist Page

Stacey's Moist Page

Nat's Moist Page

Break Her Down, A Moist Page

AMoist Page

BabySkin Tattoo, A Moist Page

David'sMoist Page

Becca'sMoist Page

Jamie'sMoist Page

Julie'sMoist Page

Renee'sMoist Page

UltimateSensation, A Moist Page

Moist Creature

Tangerine,A Moist Page

The WonderfulWorld of Moist

A MoistPage

Theme From Moist


AMoist Page

AMoist Page

Sonia's Moist Page


Nato's MoistPage



Crystal'sMoist Page

Julie'sMoist Page

MachinePunch Through, A Moist Page


Moist Creature

Riel's MoistPage


Violated'sMoist Page

Revidescent,A Moist Page

Marsenia'sMoist Page

IntoEverything Moist


Frenzied'sFabulous Fantasizings(& non-fiction) For Five Fabulous Fellows!!

MyNot-So-Secret Crush

LePage a Aliens

Moist- A Silver Page

Jenna'sMoist Page

AlmostWet, A Moist Page

TheOfficial Moist Towelette page

Audrey's moist page

Cheer'sMoist Page

Shotgun A Moist Page

How to Contact The Band

Here are a few ways you can contact the band. There are also ways you can get information on things relating to the band.

Email Moist