m a r k   m a k o w a y

Mark Andrew Makoway was born on September 12th, 1966 just outside the Metro Toronto area. His mother currently lives there, along with Mark's sister, where she works as an Art teacher.

Mark began playing guitar at a young age, and has now been playing for more than 14 years. He has always been interested in music, and some of his musical influences include bands such as the Pixies and Jimmy Page.

Prior to MOIST's formation, Mark played in a number of other bands; along with Jeff (the original MOIST) and David, including his previous band, True Hype Crue.

Besides being a teriffic guiter player, Mark puts on an extremely intense performance during the live show. He really gets into the music, physically, and follows his emotions with weird facial expressions and movements; its one thing that makes Mark so charismatic on stage.

Education wise, Mark attended Queen's University out in Kingston, Ontario, where he studied film along with Jeff and received a Film Degree. Later, he moved to Vancouver where he became a writer for a small multi-cultural magazine.

On June 11th 1998, Mark got married to his long time girlfriend he met in Europe, Nicola. They both tied the knot in England, and are currently living in Toronto.

In 1998, Mark began writing a book, which will be released sometime in early 2000. The book is titled "The Indie Band Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Breaking a Band Canadian Edition" and talks about how to make it in the Canadian Music Industry.

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