All merchandise is from Nettwerk Production out in Vancouver, and if you would like to contact them by email, here's the address:

There's a lot of really cool things that you can buy, like t-shirts, posters, hats, stickers and postcards.

If you would like to see a catalogue of all the different things, you can go to Nettwerk's site and order from them! Here's a link...

Moist Merchandise

Moist Necklaces

Well, I make all sorts of Moist necklaces using a polymar clay called FIMO, and they're really cool!!!!! I write the word "Moist" and I make all these really cool designs, and they're pretty neat!

I can make them in any colour, size, shape or style, and I can use different patterns, so if you are interested in buying one from me they cost $5, and you can email me asking questions and whatnot!


I have created this new necklace which is sort of like a tiny picture frame with a tiny Moist picture in it! It's really cool! But this one costs $10, because of the picture!

Oh, and if you like another band, I can make the same thing for any other band you like! That is, if I have a small picture of them...or you send me one!

Moist's Fanclub

Join Moist's 1997 official Fan Club.

Members will receive 3 newsletters

which includes articles, pictures and

tour dates, funky new postcards........

stickers... a membership card and an

exclusive fan club limited edition CD.

The fee to join is $25 for Canada and the U.S., or $30 for International.

Send the money to:


Box 330-1755 Robson St.

Vancouver, BC,

V6G 3B7


You can send a check payable to : Nettwerk Productions, or you can make a money order, or you can go to Nettwerk's Web site and order it by email or by phone using a credit card!

How to become a member of the Moist Fan Club

If you have any questions to ask about the fanclub, use this email address! All your questions will be answered!!!

Contact Nettwerk

By Snail mail:


Box 330-1755 Robson St.

Vancouver BC,

V6G 3B7


By Email:

World Wide Web Address:

By Telephone:


By Fax:

(604) 654-1993

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