Nauselbaum, and welcome to the Nauselbaum Page! I have made thispage as a sort of dedication to the word 'Nauselbaum' - a word, as you may or may not know, that was made up by the band. I have received a numberof emails from all over the world, asking me if I know the meaningof this word, so I hope this page will help those of you searching forthe meaning!

The word has come far, in terms of it's use; we can frequently see the wordin located in the 'Official Moist Newsletters' that Kevin writes.

No one knows for sure what the word means, what it's significance is, or whythe band has chosen to keep it's meaning a secret. So, I have made this pageto basically figure out what the meaning of the word is.

I will provide you guys with my interpretation of the word, basedon my experience as a dedicated Moist fan, and based on my personaltheories and ideas. As well, this page will also function as a type of message board, where you can post YOUR opinions and ideas about whatyou think it means! And be as creative as you like. . . Here's how it'll work:

Send me an email with the subject, "Nauselbaum" - and I willput up your message! It's that simple. . .


The Meaning of Nauselbaum

Well, to me Nauselbaum can be refering to both a hello, and a salutation. If youread the Moist Newsletter, you can basically see the word functioning as a hello,at the beginning of most of the newsletters, and again, at the end of the newsletters.The word can also be seen as being a sort of 'see you later'. Of course,the word probably has a much deeper meaning, to the band at least, but seen in thiscontext, it seems to me that the guys use it when they greet someone, and/or when theysay good-bye to someone.

The word sounds as if it could belong, or derive from the German language, orperhaps the yiddish language, so maybe there could be some interpretation using that aspect.

Hopefully, one of these days, one of the guys will blab out the meaning to their fans;it would be a nice thing to actually know the story behind this strange, odd looking andbizzare sounding word that has sooo many people wondering what the hell it means!

Well, that's my view on what 'Nauselbaum' means. I welcome all of your opinions,and comments!



Pretty Ophelia,

The word "Nauselbaum" most definitely does have a meaning. It is a noun. "Nauselbaum" is a substance similar to lip balm, only for nausels.

Why use it for greeting/closure? Your guess is as good as mine.



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