What are the Newsletters? Well, basically, they are a collection of interesting ideas thoughts, and weird re-encounters of Moist's adventurous experiences throughout their daily lives, while on tour, and anywhere else they may be. When you first read one, you will most likely be astonished at the amazing vocabulary and ideas used throughout the context.

Written by Moist's fabulous keyboardist, Kevin Young, the Newsletters portray events and inside jokes, that otherwise would have never been shared with anyone other than the guys themselves, and a true Moist fan. If you know a lot about the band, like myself and many other people, you will get a sense of understanding and laughter at what's being said. If not, then just try to soak up Kevin's mental (and I mean that in the coolest way) thoughts, and love them! He is a reat writer, and you'll see that in these pieces of writing! If you are interested in getting the Newsletters, you can join Moist's Fanclub, which includes really cool stuff, as well as some Newsletters, with inside info, and pictures! For more information on how to join, click here.

Actually, Jeff (bassist) typed out these one's originally for the Official page, which is cool, because then I'd have to type them out, so a big thanx goes to him, for all his hard work! Thanx Jeff! And thanx to Andrea, who's page it was I got these from!

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