p a u l   w i l c o x

Paul Matthew Wilcox was born on February 13, 1970, and is the youngest memeber of Moist. He is also the only member of the band originally from Vancouver. He was recommended for the position of drummer by one of Mark's friends, and finally joined the band in 1993. Paul has two sisters; Jane and Leigh. One of them happens to be a police officer, which just goes to show that the Wilcox's aren't a family you want to mess around with!

Paul initially wanted to become a comedian, and is quite funny when you actually talk with him. He loves making impressions of people, and does some very funny voices. He has been playing the drums, however, for about 19 years, and chose to be a drummer! What a good choice Paul:-)

Paul also participated in some amateur acting, and was actually the star of a short 5 minute film entitled, "The Graveller." It was for a project initiated by one of Paul's friends, Ernie Herskavitz, when Paul was living in Vancouver. In it, Paul plays a gravel collector. Besides being an 'actor', Paul was once a chef at a cafe/diner in Vancouver called, "Sophie's."

Personality wise, Paul is a natural. He just makes you want to laugh, no matter what he does. He has an extremely humorous personality, and a very comedic attitude about everything, which is one of the things that makes Paul so unique and lovable!

On stage Paul is very concentrative on what he's doing. He really pays close attention to playing the drums, and makes sure that he has the right beat, etc. He also, like many other musicians, likes to play on stage bare foot. While on stage, Paul likes to make funny faces to the people in the audience, and usually makes devil horns with his fingers. Its quite cute!

Relationship wise, I know that Paul used to go out with Bif Naked, a Canadian singer/songwriter, when he was living in Vancouver. I don't really know if he's seeing anyone right now, but I'm sure he's a very loving and caring guy!

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