Welcome to my fairly large and ever expanding Moist Photo Gallery. Here you will find links to pictures I've taken, at various shows and performances, as well as some of the very best Moist Photo Galleries out there on the Web. So take a look, and enjoy!

Please do not use any of the photos on this website for your own website, unless you first contact me and ask for permission. Some of these photos are not mine, so please ask first. Thank you.

AJ's Hangar- Kingston, 09/10/00

Here are some photos I took during MOIST's final show on the most recent tour, in Kingston, Ontario. The band will be taking a break to write and eventually record their fourth album, so no more shows for a while. This show was quite emotional, and was definitly one of the best so far.

Expo Cite, Quebec City, PQ- 08/26/00

These are some nice photos of the band I took in Quebec City. The show was incredible, and the fans in Quebec City are crazy! Not as crazy as the Montreal fans though;-) Check out the photos, as well as my review of the show.

Lansdown Park - Ottawa, 08/19/00

These are some photos I took at the Ottawa show at Lansdown Park at MOIST's performance at the Super EX Fair. There are three sets of photos, so take a look, and enjoy! Included is a set of some nice Black and White photos I took!

Lafayette Square, Buffalo, NY - 06/08/00

Here are some photos that were taken at the recent show MOIST did in Buffalo, New York as part of the Edge Festival in Lafayette Square. These photos were sent to me by Debbi, so thanks to her for letting me put them up!

The Granada - Sherbrooke, 05/26/00

MOIST did an excellent show in Sherbrooke on May. 26th as part of their small, but quite enjoyable Quebec tour which kicked off this summer. Click here to view the photos I took of their performance (two sets), and to read my review!

J.A. Thompson, Trois-Rivieres - 05/23/00

Check out the great photos I took at the recent MOIST show in Trois - Rivieres! They are my best photos yet! The show was amazing, and you can also read my review.

Le Nouveau Club Soda - Montreal, 03/31/00

MOIST did a show for the re-opening of Club Soda in Montreal the other day. The show was sold out in afew days, broadcast over the radio and online, and was totally amazing!! Click here to see photos of the guys I took after the show when we met them outside!

AJ's Hangar, Kingston - 03/01/00

MOIST performed in their hometown on March 1st, 2000. It was the BEST show I've had the chance to see. Click here to see some photos that were taken during their performance.

Air Canada Centre - Toronto, 12/17/99

Click here to see the photos I took before their show at Much Music, and durring Moist's performance at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto! They came out really well!

Metropolis, Montreal- 12/11/99

Here are some photos taken at the Metropolis during MOIST's performance. The show was excellent, as usual, and thanks to Sylvie for helping me out with these!

Molson Free Outdoor Show, Montreal- 08/21/99

These are photos I took last night at a free concert held in Montreal. MOIST performed a great set of songs, including Comes and Goes and Pleasing Falsetto off their most recent album, Mercedes Five and Dime. Also on the bill were fellow Canadians Edwin, Serial Joe and Redcore, as well as Live, who were all awesome!

Archambault Autograph Session, Montreal - 06/15/99

Here are some nice black and white shots I took during MOIST's autograph session at Archambault Music Store in Montreal.

Redeau Centre Performance, - 07/04/99

These are some great shots I was able to take on the roof of the Redeau Centre in downtown Ottawa the day after the band played Edgefest. Check out the audio section of this site soon for live clips from that show!! (as well as from Edgefest 99).

Edgefest 99, Ottawa - 07/04/99

Here are some photos I took at MOIST performance at Edgefest in Ottawa. Keep in mind that I wasn't able to get great shots because I was in the pit. Sorry about that:-)

Keep The Tribe Alive, Montreal/Toronto - 06/15/99

Click here to see some great photos of Moist's performance at the Keep The Tribe Alive special which aired on both MuchMusic and Musique Plus on the 15th. The show dealth with AIDS and AIDS-related issues.

Summersault '98, Quebec City - 08/29/98

This year, Moist played a new festival called, "Summersault" along with fellow Canadian bands Our Lady Peace and I Mother Earth. I was at the Quebec City show in August, and I was able to take some really great pictures of the show. Click here to see them!

Edgefest '98, Montreal - 06/30/98

Moist also played this year's Edgefest along with some well known bands, including Green Day, Econoline Crush, Sloan, Foo Fighters and The Tea Party. Click on the graphic to see of the pictures I took from Moist's performance.

Little Songs Promo Tour: HMV, Montreal - 03/17/98

On March 17, 1998, David Usher released his first solo album, "Little Songs." He toured across Canada in support of his album, and on the day of the release, David appeared at HMV in Downtown Montreal to do an interivew, and sign autographs. Here are some of the pictures I took from that day. He was also in Toronto a few days later, and I have some pictures here from the Much Music environment sent to me from Toronto.

Elle Quebec Photo Shoot - Oct. 96

David Usher modelled some high fashion clothing in the Oct. 96 edition of Elle Quebec magazine. Here are the photos which can be found in the "Hommes" section of the magazine.

Place Des Arts, Montreal - 12/01/97

Moist played an amazing show at Place Des Arts on Dec. 1, 1997, but before the show, they made their way to Chom, Montreal's rock station, to do an interview. I had the chance to meet Mark and Paul before the interiew, and was able to take a few great pictures. Click here to see them, along with a few of the night's performance.

Rockfest '97, Montreal - 06/13/97

Here are some really amazing pictures taken from Moist's performance at Montreal's Rockfest in 1997.

Club Soda, Montreal - 08/30/96

Before Moist released their second album, Creature, they played a series of secret shows in Montreal to test out their new material. These are some pictures of the guys after their performance at Club Soda. They were taken by my friend Marie-Claude.

Various Musique Plus Pictures

Here are a collection of pictures that I have taken of the guys at various times when I met them, or saw them at Musique Plus. Included here are a series of pictures when I first met Mark and David! They were all taken at different times, either after interviews, or special appearences.

Major Hills Park, Ottawa - 06/27/97

Here are some pictures that were sent to me from my friend Monique, of a show the guys played in Ottawa on June 27, 1998. There are a few close-ups of practically all the members.

Music World, Montreal - 11/07/96

In November of 1996, Moist did a tour with the famous Canadian legend, Neil Young. Moist also did a series of autograph sessions/performances at local malls, and record stores, before practically every show to basically promote Creature. Here are some great pictures I took from when Moist performed at Music World in Downtown Montreal.

Moist Promotional Photos

This is a nice collection of promo pictures, newspaper pix, and rather old photos of the band from various independant magazines across Canada. Included here is a nice picture of David from his high school yearbook that I got when I was in Kingston.

Miscellenious Photos of Moist

Here is a nice collection of miscellenious photos that I have collected and found on the net over the years. Some of them belong to friends who have sent them to me, and some from other websites. There are two sets.

Pictures of Various Albums, and CD Singles

Moist have, over the years, released a number of CD singles, and imports, especially in the UK, and Euope. There are also many rare Moist items, such as hard-to-find CD imports, and vinals. Here is a collection of pictures of most of Moist's releases, including the really rare CD's and vinals.

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